Who we are

A Spirited Journey Through the Art of Cocktails

Welcome to Barman Emporium!

A Journey Sparked by a Shaker

My name is Hugo, and my passionate voyage into the world of cocktails began in 2009 when I purchased my first shaker. Since then, my dedication and love for spirits, mixology, and bar culture have grown ever stronger.

In 2010, I took a bold step by selling my first shaker online, marking the beginning of an exciting entrepreneurial journey. Over time, our passion evolved into a pioneering company in Venezuela, establishing the first physical and online store dedicated to barware: ArmaTuBar.com.

A Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence led us to connect with incredible industry professionals, from bartenders and mixologists to renowned brand ambassadors. We proudly sponsored various competitions across Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico, sharing our passion for cocktails with the world.

Expanding Our Reach

In 2017, we took another leap forward by opening our first event company in the United States, based in Philadelphia. And in 2022, we brought our experience and knowledge to Tampa Bay, Florida, with the opening of another Barman Emporium location.

A World of Spirits Awaits

Throughout our travels and experiences, we've witnessed a surging interest in spirits, cocktails, and mixology. That's why we're here at Barman Emporium – to empower both enthusiasts and professionals to explore, enjoy, and discover the fascinating world of liquors.

Your Guide to the Art of Cocktails

Whether you're seeking high-quality ingredients, specialized tools, or simply expert advice, we're here to provide everything you need to elevate your skills and knowledge in the art of cocktail creation.

Join Our Community of Passionate Spirits

Barman Emporium is more than just a store; it's a community of individuals passionate about crafting and enjoying spirits. Join us and share your love of cocktails, discover new flavors, and create unforgettable experiences.


Barman Emporium: Where your passion for spirits becomes a reality.

Our Promise:

    • To offer you a wide range of high-quality barware products.
    • To provide you with exceptional customer service.
    • To host events and workshops where you can learn from cocktail and mixology experts.
    • To cultivate a vibrant community of individuals passionate about spirits.

Join us at Barman Emporium and embark on your own spirited journey!