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0.5 oz. & 1.25 oz. Stainless Steel Japanese Style Jigger

0.5 oz. & 1.25 oz. Stainless Steel Japanese Style Jigger

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Experience precise pours with an elegant twist using this 0.5 oz. & 1.25 oz. stainless steel Japanese style jigger! 

Whether it's a cosmopolitan or a Manhattan, this jigger equips your bartenders to create perfect pours every time, ensuring high-quality drinks. Say goodbye to over-pouring with the exact proportion at hand, saving you money and reducing dirty dishes. With one side for measuring 0.5 oz. and another for 1.25 oz., this jigger is perfect for any alcohol or syrup.

No need for a second measuring utensil - simply flip the jigger over to switch between capacities. Its tall shape and deep wells prevent spills, making it superior to traditional jiggers.

Built to last, this stainless steel jigger is resistant to fruit juice and acid, guaranteeing it will maintain its sleek, satin finish even after endless nights of use. With capacity measurements on each side, this jigger is the perfect addition to any bar or restaurant, ensuring consistent and precise drink

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