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0.5 oz. - 3 oz. Plastic Double Jigger

0.5 oz. - 3 oz. Plastic Double Jigger

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Ensure precise portion control and maximum profits with this 0.5 oz.-3 oz. Plastic Double Jigger!

Known as the ultimate jigger, this dual-sided design features a large compartment with marked lines for 1 oz., 2 oz., and 3 oz. capacity, and a small compartment with lines for 0.5 oz., 0.75 oz., and 1.5 oz. capacity. With this versatile tool, you can accurately measure ingredients for each drink or dish, making it a must-have for every kitchen. Its wide rim and perfect balance make it easy to pour without spills, while the tapered design allows for smooth and mess-free pouring.

Whether you're a barista or bartender, this jigger is ideal for precise measurements of alcohol and flavoring syrups for coffee or mixed drinks.

Its compact and handle-free design makes it easy to store and use, and its sturdy polystyrene plastic construction ensures durability for daily use in high-volume settings.


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