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20 oz. Clear SAN Plastic 3-Piece Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

20 oz. Clear SAN Plastic 3-Piece Cobbler Cocktail Shaker

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Elevate your bar, restaurant, or personal kitchen game with the this 20 oz clear SAN plastic screw top 3-piece cobbler cocktail shaker.

Made with sturdy SAN plastic and a screw top lid, this bar shaker keeps your drinks chilled until they are perfectly served! Not only is the plastic easy to clean, but it also provides a durable option for busy environments where breakage is a concern. Built to withstand daily use and commercial dishwashing, this shaker resists heat and chemicals, maintaining its like-new appearance.

With its 3-piece design, it's an essential tool for your bartenders! Simply pour ingredients into the shaker, add the lid, shake, remove the cap, and strain the perfect cocktail directly into your customer's glass.

The secure seal prevents any spills or leaks during mixing and serving, while the built-in strainer ensures a smooth pour without any ice diluting the drink. 

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