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Assorted Stripe Jumbo Unwrapped Paper Straw 7 3/4" (200 Pack)

Assorted Stripe Jumbo Unwrapped Paper Straw 7 3/4" (200 Pack)

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Choose the environmentally responsible option and elevate your customer's drinks with this 7 3/4" assorted stripe jumbo unwrapped paper straw

Crafted from a special paper, this straw is a superior alternative to plastic straws that pollute the environment for centuries. Ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, or concession stands, your patrons will be delighted by your commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

No PFAS Added This product was consciously manufactured without PFAS substances.

Versatile Size Enjoy a wider variety of beverages with the jumbo size that accommodates regular thicknesses like water, juice, and soda. Perfect for both hot and cold drinks, this straw eliminates the need for separate straws for different temperatures.

Smart and Eco-Friendly The unwrapped design reduces waste and saves valuable time that would be spent unwrapping each straw for every drink served.

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