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Chrome-Plated Wing Corkscrew

Chrome-Plated Wing Corkscrew

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Effortlessly open wine bottles with this Chrome-Plated Wing Corkscrew.

Its timeless design allows for easy extraction of any cork size, with an adjustable base that fits various bottle rims. Whether for table service or behind the bar, this corkscrew is the perfect tool. First, use a foil cutter (sold separately) to cut the foil around the bottle's neck.

Then remove the capsule and insert the sturdy chrome-plated spiral worm into the cork's center. This corkscrew's sharp point and durable design make insertion a breeze. With one hand on the bottle and the other on the lever, twist the lever to drive the worm deeper into the cork. Keep twisting until the two wings fully extend. Once they do, push down on them together to effortlessly remove the cork from the bottle. The winged mechanism ensures minimal effort for maximum results.

Overall Dimensions: Length: 6 5/8".

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